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  • GI Doctors Are Best at Reducing Cancer Risk

    Patients seeing a GI specialist have a 65 percent lower risk of colon cancer death than the un-screened. This is substantially better than the 57 percent lower risk after screening by a primary care doctor or a 45 percent lower risk when colonoscopy is done by a surgeon. read more
  • Make Dr. Berookim Your GI Doctor

    Dr. Berookim has been consistently acknowledged as America’s Top Gastroenterologist. His standard of care routinely exceeds the national average. This includes a higher polyp detection rate, more complete and accurate screenings, and the use of the 3rd eye colonoscope. read more
  • What to Expect During Your Colonoscopy

    Simple preparation steps include drinking plenty of fluids the day before your test and a low dose prep to provide a clear view of the colon. Your comfort is ensured with IV sedation throughout this 20 to 30 minute procedure. After a brief recovery period, you return home. The next day, you can resume normal activities. read more

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Does it seem like every year your doctor wants you to get more and more medical tests? You know these tests are necessary for maintaining your health. That’s especially true when you reach the age of 50 and your doctor tells you that it’s time to schedule your first colonoscopy. At the Beverly Hills Gastroenterology Institute of Southern California, we understand that many patients are hesitant to undergo this procedure. They are concerned that it may cause substantial discomfort or that they will receive unwanted news about cancer.

Let Us Help You Feel Safe

The more you learn about what a colonoscopy entails, the less apprehensive you will be about your procedure. Part of Dr. Berookim’s mission is to help educate patients throughout Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Hollywood. Colonoscopy is really a routine cancer screening test. When performed by a GI specialist, it is a low risk test that is highly effective at detecting and preventing colon cancer. Finding colon polyps (adenomas) is quite common. Most of these growths are harmless and early removal means you have eliminated their chance to become cancerous.  This procedure is always performed using appropriate sedation to ensure patient comfort.

How Common Is Colorectal Cancer?

1 in 21 men and women will be diagnosed with cancer of the colon or rectum during their lifetime.

Why Have a Colonoscopy Procedure?

This procedure is the most accurate way to identify abnormal tissue, ulcers, and growths called polyps or adenomas that may become cancerous.

Third Eye Colonoscopy

In a multi-center trial with more than 440 patients, the third eye colonoscopy detected 23% more polyps than traditional colonoscopy.

Work as a Team to Ensure Superior Healthcare

Our goal is provide you with the best possible experience in all aspects of your visit. We pay special attention to communicating with everyone involved in your medical treatment.

What Sets the Gastroenterology Institute of Southern California Apart?

Our highly trained and courteous staff makes this center a place where every patient receives respect, attention, and the highest standard of medical treatment. Our ratings, reviews, and testimonials are unmatched and we sincerely value the opinion of every new and returning patient. The location of our modern and fully equipped center is right in the heart of Beverly Hills, accessible to patients throughout Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Hollywood. Colonoscopy procedures are easy to schedule with an initial consultation or through the Open Access Colonoscopy program for added convenience.

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